An inspiring story of survival

An inspiring story of survival



An inspiring story of survival

There are stories of perseverance and then there’s Jose Castro’s story. A young man in his twenties, who one day was living one of the happiest moments of his life when he proposed to his girlfriend, and literally the next day was having the worst nightmare he had ever experienced. On March 1 st 2014, Jose was involved in a serious and disastrous accident where a Jeep in which he was on board, fell off a 20 foot cliff crashing the car against the ground. For an instance, Jose was pronounced dead on his way to the hospital, but his will to live was more powerful and the doctors were able to revive him. Still, the
consequences were not encouraging at all: Jose had a body paralysis that left him quadriplegic and couldn’t even breathe on his own.

As of today, I have surpassed many of the limitations they predicted for me.

After two years of constant work and therapies, on 2016 Jose met Dr. Michael Hino, whose treatments based on Embryonic and DNA stem cells …

(or as Jose likes to call them: “magic potions”), have made a significant progress on Castro’s recovery. Among his improvements, Jose can now sustain his neck on his own and regained some limited movement on both arms; he can also ride the spin bike with some assistance and has now control of his bladder. Jose has gone against all odds and negative thoughts, and so has Dr. Hino who was the only doctor that believed in him, when all the others told Castro to just stay at home.

I have been blessed to meet Dr. Hino, he has re-instilled hope in my life that one day I will
walk again.

Taking Dr. Hino’s advice, Jose also attends spinal cord therapy four days a week, which has made his body become stronger, and leaving him feeling better physically and emotionally. Now Jose is more confident of himself, and looking at what he is capable of doing has kept him going on and nothing will stop him from doing it. One thing Jose emphasizes about Dr. Hino is that he always aims to find the cure for every health problem his patients are dealing with, understanding their feeling and relating with them, humanly and respectfully. Jose still has a lot of dreams he wants to accomplish, like finishing his bachelor’s degree, getting married and writing a book at some point. He knows that God has a plan for him, and that He is putting the right people on his path so they can give him the help and tools he needs to carry on.

I fight for my health every day in ways that most people don’t understand. I
consider myself a warrior and I will never give up.

Jose Castro

This is a brief example of what I’ve been working on. I’ve noticed that my upper body and lower body have been getting a stronger initiating movement and now that I can create that movement I’m re-teaching my body to have control over it.

I believe that there is no point on being able to move a body part without me having control over it. I was also damaging my spinal cord causing a bulging disc on my C-5 due to the fact of straining my neck to initiate movement, so now that I have control over my body I’m not stressing my neck as much and I’m able to move my body without me hurting my neck.

Breathing wise I do feel like I’m on the right path on strengthening my diaphragm week by week I’ve had little set backs due to the bloating and pain I get in my stomach I just recently went to get a endoscopy where the dr said to have noticed gastritis and sent a biopsy to get further analysis. I will know further by this month. I also had to change my ventilator due to the fact that the company was no longer going to be manufacturing that type of vent so it was process to find a ventilator to my comfort and needs. After all this chaos I’m finally where I need to be and working on bettering myself each week. I will be sending other videos where I’m balancing my upper extremities.

Hope all is well sorry for not keeping you up to date as we had planned.

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