Our anti-aging protocols will help you get a faster metabolism, leading among other things, to weight loss, Improved muscle mass and bone density. Better glucose and cholesterol management reverses cosmetic effects of aging, ie. hair regrowth, reduced wrinkles.

Our Anti-Aging therapies are for both men and women. The results obtained can help you overcome andropause and menopause. What happens to our bodies over time differs from one person to another, but there is a truth that applies to everybody: our bodies change and we have options to direct those changes.

With our anti-aging protocols you can have the opportunity to affect directly on several complex physiological processes.

There are several other anti-aging hormones we employ to help you regulate different aspects of your metabolism. Melatonin is one of them. It regulates the circadian rhythm hence is a sleep facilitator. Produced in the pineal gland at night but not exclusively, melatonin, is also produced in other organs and over time it falls to a point where is barely measurable. The benefits of melatonin are due to its relevance within our body functions, starting with the evidence that it has been found on high concentrations across different organs, thus we know it plays a major biological role. It is found on many tissues including the brain, eyes, and ovaries. Surprisingly enough, it can enter any cell and body fluid because is amphiphilic, meaning that it has both water and fat-loving properties.

Melatonin serves as a potent antioxidant because of is function as a defense against free radicals. Under normal conditions, the presence of free radicals would be beneficial since its the byproduct of cellular respiration when energy is generated. It has favorable effects on immune and cellular response. An excess of free radicals translates into oxidative stress, a precursor of multiple inflammatory diseases. Melatonin performs a free-radical hunt and potentiates the efficiency of others. Not for nothing is called the main free-radical scavenger. If we take into consideration that year by year the detoxification rate of free radicals has been decreasing on our bodies, aged humans are melatonin-deficient. A boost on melatonin levels could lead to an increased longevity.

With your unique metabolic characteristics having unbalanced hormonal levels can lead you to feel tired, in addition to that, concentration has probably also diminished causing memory loss. To be able to keep the current rhythm of modern life and still have the energy and mental clearness to engage in a new activity everyday (why not?), this will surely become your best mood enhancer. As time passes by, our system can become less responsive to our body needs. We must act. 

At Hino Medical Center our Anti Aging Therapies are combined with diet recommendations that you can follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help to magnify the benefits of our therapies. As always, exercise is recommended. To lower risks of developing fractures from minor injuries, it is recommended to take adequate amounts of calcium + vitamin D.

Our Anti-Aging therapies have a natural approach by restoring hormones to earlier levels, helping your mind and body function optimally rather than be impeded by the aging process.

You can start to think, feel, and look better.

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