The most caring doctor

The most caring doctor



The most caring doctor

I had started getting treatments from Doctor Hino in January of 2015 for stage 4 kidney disease. This worked very well and improved my kidney function almost back to normal, as well as improving my quality of life.

I had an enlarged prostate that was wreaking havoc on the kidney and that is why i had prostate surgery in 10/16. I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2017, while on my 3-month follow-up from the prostate surgery.Unfortunately, they missed seeing a tumor on the prostate. The surgery disturbs it and it metastasized to the bones. It was confirmed by MRI and Petscan.

At that time, I wasn’t feeling any ill effects from the cancer. However, the PSA continued to climb with every blood test. So, I went to Dr. Hino’s for treatment for 4 days. My PSA was 970 when I arrived. After 4 days, my PSA went down to 748. I returned for another 4 day treatment after being home for 10 days. My PSA had risen back up to slightly more than 970. By this time, I was experiencing extreme bone pain in ribs, back, and hips and could barely walk.

I decided that the coming and going routine was unworkable for such a vicious cancer. I decided to kill it and not just torture it!

Since June, my wife and I have been renting a house in Ensenada and have had steady treatments 6 days a week for 6 months.

Here’s what I have achieved: My high PSA was 1750 during the summer. As of last week, it is 15! You read that right. 15! Oh, also, my kidney numbers are completely normal now. They improved while getting treatment here in the last 6 months!

My bone pain went from severe (not that far away from calling the ambulance) to mild or moderate, but, tolerable. Actually, no pain at all, when I’m not moving! 🙂

The point is I committed. If you want to kill cancer, you have to commit to doing whatever it takes, to be cancer-free. This includes changing my diet and lifestyle. For example, I get the large deluxe salad everyday from Dr. Hino’s Nutrition Center here. It is absolutely delicious! I’ve never eaten so much salad! Apparently, I should’ve sooner…

I feel like it was up to me to make what Dr. Hino does as effective as possible and to heal as quickly as possible. Just figure that when you are treating cancer, you are Doctor Hino’s team mate.

Doctor Hino and his personnel do everything in their power to provide a happy, comfortable environment to receive treatment. It is up to me to contribute to that happiness as that frame of mind leads to healing. Cancer does not happen overnight. It takes a commitment to kill it. Decide you really want to live. Then, come down and commit to a better quality of life along with a life you almost wasted.

Doctor Hino has my highest respect!

Thank you for every minute of time you have extended towards my life.

Warm wishes,

Chuck Borom

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