We pride ourselves on offering healthcare consumers holistic and natural choices in achieving and maintaining health and wellness by eliminating not only symptoms but diseases.
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At Hino Medical Center our Anti Aging Therapies are combined with a good nutrition program since we need to prepare your body for the myriad of changes that are about to take place.
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The research and development of new healing protocols promise to make advanced treatments available to eradicate diseases.
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Welcome to Hino Medical Center

We have developed powerful treatments that change the lives of patients that suffer from autoimmune, neurological, metabolic, and heart diseases, cancer, and other illnesses.

People turn to the Hino Medical Center to restore, improve, and maintain their health. We offer a drug-free, natural approach for the treatment of diseases and illnesses focusing on prevention and in maintaining good health. We offer medically-based strategies for optimum health that will extend and enrich the quality of our patients’ lives.

Facilitate metal excretion

Chelation Therapy

Removes metal interference that keeps you from fully functioning. When heavy metals concentrations are lowered, positive changes are evident in the central nervous system, liver, and kidneys.


Strengthen your immune system

Vitamin C Infusions

Elevate plasma levels with the top aqueous-phase antioxidant since vitamin C is able to scavenge free radicals and neutralize them . Vitamin C is also a producer of collagen that helps to protect normal tissues.

Reinvigorate your blood.

Oxygen Therapies

Blood oxygenation translates into tissue oxygenation, an important step to restrain malignant cells from their ideal environment and to promote oxidation.

Boost your energy levels

Anti-Aging Therapy

Our Anti-Aging therapies have a natural approach by restoring hormones into earlier levels , helping your mind and body function optimally rather than being restrained by the aging process.


Our whole staff is committed to provide patients with the best care .

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What our patients are saying about us

Randy White, former player NFL 1975 – 1988

Don Smerek, former player NFL 1980 – 1987

Our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. When he faced any stressful situation his blood pressure would drop so low that he would be just above coma range and pass out. Dr. Hino was able to get us through all of this with a totally holistic treatment. Our son is now 14 and we have not seen his blood pressure drop in over a year and a half. He is growing normally and he no longer has any pains. Thank you Dr. Hino, you saw us through a terrible experience with a wonderful outcome!

– Addison’s Disease Survivor

I had been suffering from a serious, life threatening skin disorder for over three years and had tried every approach I could think of to cure it. A friend recommended I go in to see Dr. Hino. After taking the medication for a few months now, it is almost entirely gone and I’m able to carry on with normal activities which I wasn’t able to do previously. He advised me to take a holistic medicine and within a week I saw a drastic improvement. I feel Dr. Hino saved my life with this medicine.

– Skin Disorder Patient

Fourteen months ago, my husband contracted rat lungworm, a disease that is not well researched or treated. The doctors could offer no treatment or predicted outcome. We were Dr. Hino’s first case of rat lungworm. And yet, he confidently offered us a treatment and more importantly, hope. A week later, we returned home changed again, but for the good. My husband is feeling stronger, like himself again. Our family is able to reclaim peace. We are forever grateful to Dr. Hino and his team.

– Rat Lungworm Patient

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