Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Stage 4 Breast Cancer



Stage 4 Breast Cancer

This letter is to anyone who is not sure about Dr. Hino’s treatments and if they really work? I am alive today to tell you they do work!

At the age of 49 I was told I had stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to my lungs, lymph system, and bones. When you hear these words from your hospital Oncology team, “There is nothing more we can do for you, go home and call Hospice and get on morphine because the cancer has spread to 100% of your lung lining, soon you will not be able to breath” it can be devastating to most people. In fact, it was to my Mother who was sitting beside my bed at the time. She immediately started to sob. I told her not to worry because I knew I had help. The next day I sent Dr. Hino my test results and here was his reply:

“Get here as soon as possible, I will not fail you, just get here! Pray for God to guide me.”

These words alone gave me so much hope. I think about how sad it is that most people hear those devastating words and do go home and die, they don’t know about the wonderful Doctors like Dr. Hino that are out there and these people don’t know they have other options, options that don’t kill you!

For months prior to this hospital stay I had been very sick. I was on oxygen 24 hours a day. My breathing was so shallow it was hard to talk and I had to sleep sitting up with my head resting on a stack of pillows on my lap. My cough was so bad it would make me vomit. I was so weak I could not walk and needed a wheelchair to go anywhere. I could not stand long enough to heat up a can of soup or wash my own hair. I had not eaten solid food in 3 weeks and my body was shutting down. I felt death coming, I could feel it and taste it. And if all that was not bad enough, I had to talk to my kids about funeral arrangements and fill out paperwork in case I died in Mexico they could get my body back to the USA!

But despite all of this negative, my spirit and will power had not given up on me and Dr. Hino’s words inspired me. With the help of friends, family and God I was able to make the 14 hour trip to Ensenada Mexico and started treatments the next day.

After the first week of treatment I started to feel a little better. After 2 weeks of treatment I knew I was not going to die, I felt better and better every day. I did not need the wheelchair any longer. I had a great appetite and was eating again. My cough was getting better. I could shower and wash my own hair again. The treatments were so easy and gave me so much needed energy. My breathing got better everyday as the cancer died and the fluid left my lungs. After 1 month I was able to go out to dinner and go shopping downtown while pulling my portable oxygen with me. After 6 weeks I only needed oxygen at night and after 2 months I was off of it completely! By the 3rd month I felt like I had my life back, walking the marina, shopping, sunbathing by the pool, It felt like I was on a long vacation, not being treated for terminal cancer! It was amazing!

After 3 months I returned home for a few weeks to visit family and have a PET Scan. The scan showed an amazing 80% reduction in cancer! The oncology team was stunned and asked what I had been doing. I told them I was in Mexico doing Stem cells, Vitamin C, B17 and DMSO. All natural, no side effects. These treatments make you stronger and healthier and give you more energy. They just shock their heads in disbelief and told me those things do not kill cancer! I let   them think what they will and left with a huge smile on my face.

Now, I must admit that I cannot give all the credit to the treatments. As Doctor Hino says “I cannot do all the work, 50% of your healing is in your own head and you have to do your part too.” I believe this with all my being and I know it is imperative that we keep a positive attitude and keep our energy open and release negative feelings and thinking in order to get healthy. Healing is on so many different levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dr. Hino knows this and encourages us to keep a positive attitude. He is so inspiring and his treatments are so affective that it is easy to do under his care.

I have returned to Mexico for another 2-3 months for treatment and Dr. Hino believes this time he will send me home cancer free. But even more important, I believe I will be cancer free!

Now I am talking to anyone who is hesitating on going to see Dr. Hino. I urge you to see him. It is so worth it. He is an amazing, caring, innovative, genius Doctor and I would not be alive today without him.

It does take a commitment on your part. Dr Hino cannot do it alone. You must be willing to stay with the treatment, this can be weeks or months depending on your disease and your body. Even conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation take months. And the costs for those treatments? I paid more on insurance premiums and deductibles in a year than what I paid Dr. Hino to save my life!  And what about the time it takes to gain your health back and build your immune system back up with conventional treatments? I have friends who for years are still not back to their original healthy state. Unlike Dr. Hino who sends you home feeling amazing with a boosted immune system that just keeps getting better and better!

The clinic is safe, clean and has a wonderful, caring staff. Not only do you make friends with the staff but patients come from all over the world for Dr. Hino’s amazing treatments. I have met some of the greatest people at the clinic and have so many friends. The time spent at the clinic can be fun and inspiring when you see amazing results and people getting healthier every day in front of your own eyes. Please do not wait, never give up on yourself, your body wants to heal it just needs a little help from Dr. Hino. I am alive today and feeling great because of this genius man and I am forever grateful. Please call Dr. Hino and come to beautiful Ensenada and get your life back, you are worth it!!

Sincerely, Paula Briseno – Stage 4 Breast/lymph/lung/bone cancer




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