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Multiple Sclerosis



Multiple Sclerosis

So, have you ever read a story that starts out with an early thought of a terrible ending and then somewhere something amazing happens and causes the ending to change? Welcome to that type of story. Crazy changes happened and WOW, this exciting news must be shared. Let me fill you in a little about the way things were going first and then you must keep reading to see how the last six months of this 30 plus year battle with Multiple Sclerosis has changed for the better. We are so blessed!

What do you do when the medical professionals tell you that your wife is in the advanced stages of a disease that will eventually take her life? Severe secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis has caused her to experience numerous difficulties. We decided to find a place where Debbie could finish her time here on earth or so we thought. A plan to go to Mexico and push her on the beach in a cool looking wheelchair with fat tires and a palm tree umbrella fell into place.

We got an amazing house on the ocean, met incredible people and then, bam! God started sending people into our lives talking about this Dr Hino and his incredible work with stem cells. Mark her husband, was done with anyone who had the letters DR in their name. All the false promises about what incredible expensive medicine would do to help Debbie was something the both of us wanted nothing to do with. But God kept sending people with great stories, so we decided to check this Dr Hino guy out.

An immediate response to my email for information and having Dr Hino personally reply was impressive. Blood test, results, stem cell game plan (all within 24 hours!), treatment cost and we were off. We both were still very doubting though. After all, we have been hearing lies for a long time. Day one… wow! Immediately seeing changes in Debbie and watching others at the Hino Medical Center with cancer, strokes, paralysis, and many other types of diseases change right before our eyes. We started to believe that Debbie’s story was about to change. Wow is that an understatement!

I’m not going to go into any more of the details because I hope by now you get the picture of what we have been dealing with for many years now. So where is the story now? Well… after last weeks trip to Mexico for a follow up check up to her stem cell treatments. We need to share some incredible news about Debbie.

Debbie’s blood test results were incredibly improved and her MRI report, according to the radiologists says, “her demyelinating disease (MS) is in a state of apparent remission.” Yes, yes, yes! Remission. Dr Hino says he has never had a report about Multiple Sclerosis state that it has stopped progressing. Look at that smile taken during Christmas. Big difference from the first one.

In only six months, the stem cell treatment has done incredible things for Debbie. We are filled with joy with this news. Debbie’s strength and memory are coming back, and we are excited to see what comes next for Debbie in her fight to beat MS! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Most of all we thank Dr Hino and his staff for their amazing knowledge, research, and care that has brought to Debbie a new ending to her MS Battle. Victory, Victory, Victory!

Mark & Debbie Heidt

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