Essential Tremors

Essential Tremors



Essential Tremors

Brad was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called essential tremor when he was in his teens. The first symptoms were tremors in his hands, making it difficult for him to write or perform other simple tasks.

Over time, the tremors progressed to the point that it seriously impacted his life as an attorney. When Brad was in his early 50’s his neurologist recommended Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) to help control the tremors. DBS worked well for about six years, but then the tremors worsened, moving to other parts of the body. His legs began to tremor causing loss of balance; his head began to shake and his voice sounded like Katharine Hepburn’s (who also had essential tremor).

Although Brad was a patient at a nationally known center for movement disorders (essential tremor and Parkinson’s), no other options for treatment were available, other than another DBS surgery. Since he’d already had DBS twice (one on each side of his brain), a third surgery had only a 50% chance of any success.

Fortunately, friends suggested that Brad see Dr. Hino for treatment before risking another brain surgery. Dr. Hino suggested stem cell treatments which began in January 2017.

Both videos show Brad when his device is off, so the Deep Brain Stimulation is not working. It’s easy to see the severity of his tremos in the first video. The second video was made after he’d had two rounds of stem cell treatments with Dr. Hino. Brad continues to have treatments and to see progress. Dr. Hino was the only person who could offer any hope and the results are easy to see!

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