Dick Talbert – May 4, 2024

Dick Talbert – May 4, 2024



Dick Talbert – May 4, 2024

I first went to Hino Medical center in late 2016 at the age of 66, as my wife had been previously for a major shoulder issue that had been miraculously healed with stem cells.

I had no real physical issues and my blood tests were very good. In fact, Dr. Hino asked why I was there. I said my interest was for life longevity and to feel better. I happened to mention that I had back pain, but I did not think that stem cells could help that as it was due to 2 badly herniated (bulged) discs that developed about the age of 40.

For about 25 years I had severe sciatica pain that would leave me bedridden for a week at a time, unable to walk. This happened several times per year. I was not willing to get surgery, so I managed it with chiropractic adjustments and a home decompression device. I could not lift over 10 pounds without risk of a major flare-up, and just to sit in a car was painful. I did most of my desk work at a standing desk.

Dr. Hino said we could try stem cells for this. I started getting both general stem cells and direct injections into my lower back. After 3 rounds of treatment, by early 2018, I was pain free. This is now 2024 and I have not had any pain for over 6 years. I can lift 40-50 pounds with no issues. My chiropractor in Los Angeles had before and after Xrays, and he said the nerve that was being impinged on had grown in a curved fashion which eliminated the pain. He had never seen that happen before.

I was also prone to get colds or illness a few times a year. For the past several years, I have rarely gotten sick and when I have it was very mild. This was definitely an improvement in my auto-immune system. In general, I feel more lively and alert.

There is what I believe is another hidden benefit. At the age of 73, who knows what other health issues could have occurred that were prevented with stem cells. Many of my high school friends at my age are either no longer around or are having major health issues. I partly attribute that difference to stem cells.

I have recommended HMC to other people and have seen them benefit as well. These ranged from minor issues being handled to miracles.

Dick Talbert Clearwater, FL

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