Cami Farr Testimonial

Cami Farr Testimonial



Cami Farr Testimonial

Before this journey started health and fitness was very important to me. That was all taken from me in my illness. In my journey I went from going to 15 doctors and 80 vials of blood finally being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and having several co infections. I was desperate and running out of time.I tried everything and I continued to decline with losing my ability to walk, cognitive and brain dysfunction, speech problems, joint pain, neuropathys, bowel dysfunction, etc. Things became more rapid as the disease had turned very autoimmune on me.

I was in need of a miracle and was led to Dr Hino with time running out to live. With a shot of faith and believing in what Dr Hino could do for me, I got on an airplane to his clinic. After extensive stem cell therapy, I was given the ability to walk, no pain, no neuropathy and continual improvement. Dr Hino turned me right around and I have continued to improve. I even got back in the gym and have worked out again!

I am called a walking miracle but the miracle was given by Dr Hino. He gave me the ability to fight back in this disease that so many feel lost in to find an effective treatment. I am forever grateful to God, Dr. Hino and the whole medical staff there. It was an experience I will never forget. Continue to believe in miracles as you will see them with the treatment and Dr Hino.

Cami Farr

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