Oxygen Therapies FAQ

Oxygen Therapies FAQ

What benefits (HBOT)?
The extra oxygen that you will receive from HBOT will be able to reach tissues and even cells, so you should expect an improvement on illnesses and injuries related to circulatory problems, including wound healing and chronic fatigue. A better quality of life should be obtained once HBOT initiates.

Could you name the main conditions that HBOT treatss?
All conditions that benefit from an increased oxygen availability should be considered: carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetic wounds, anemia, tissue infection, migraine, sport and traumatic brain injuries , multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy and lyme disease, among others.

Are there any side effects to HBOT?
With HBOT you could suffer barotrauma, which is a blockage of the Eustachian tube caused by changes on air pressure between the middle ear and the eardrum. This risk can be minimized if preventative measures are taken. Some patients have also reported temporary changes on their vision. We thoroughly evaluate every treatment evolution to prevent oxygen toxicity.

How can ozone be used medically?
we are mostly familiar with atmospheric ozone than the isolated, medical administered form. It has been long used as a bactericide and fungicide agent and what is more, it has been widely used as a wound disinfectant since WW1. We add ozone and oxygen to more than a half pint of blood to reinfuse it as an enriched blood compound back into the patient.

Is ozone considered a safe therapy?
You can rest assured that ozone is diluted to levels considered safe for therapeutic use.

What diseases can be treated when ozone is given as part of oxidative therapies?
Lung and infectious diseases, heart related and blood vessel diseases, as well as immune-related diseases.

There are several grades to hydrogen peroxide, which one is used?
For internal use, the only grade recommended is 35% food grade, already being utilized in the food industry and thus safely to ingest. Nevertheless, It is always used as a diluted solution, otherwise it can be dangerous and even fatal.

Is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) naturally found in our system?
That is right , white blood cells create H2O2 to fight infections and is widely used on the oxidation mechanisms. It is important to note that H2O2 is not a byproduct, but a compound essential for life.

Why the need to add an artificial source of hydrogen peroxide then?
Because there is a good deal of health benefits when the oxidation mechanism is induced. One of the main advantages is being able to improve quality of life (QoL) of terminal patients. Besides, adding H2O2 to our body increases oxygen content to an extent where it can have a great impact on our metabolism, enzyme activity and blood flow.

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