Detoxification Therapies FAQ

Detoxification Therapies FAQ

Doesn’t detox occur naturally?
Under normal conditions our detox mechanisms would be able to get rid of toxins but since we are in contact with more chemicals than ever, they are overtasked. in some cases, they cannot fulfill the job because the toxin is not present in nature. Also, when we do not choose a healthy lifestyle , name good food and a dose of daily exercise, we are shutting down some detox mechanisms.

What organs are involved in detoxification?

  • Skin, through sweat
  • Lungs, remove carbon dioxide
  • Lymphatic system, working as a drainage network
  • Kidneys, expelling metabolic waste
  • Liver, removes body waste and toxins from blood
  • Colon, eliminates food waste

Are there any changes on my lifestyle that I should do?
We recommend having a diet and lifestyle as natural as possible to avoid burdening the body. This includes:

Doing mild-moderate exercise to accelerate the heart rate, improve oxygenation and remove toxins through sweat.
Your nutrition is vital; change to organic food, lower alcohol and sugar intake
To minimize environmental exposure to toxins, try removing as much as unnecessary chemicals around you.

Can I detoxify after a chemo?
This is actually one of the top reasons to attend a detox treatment. After chemo and radiation, the whole system is loaded with build-up waste products received by the treatments, including cellular waste.

Do you use any herbal products?
We like to use two herbal teas, Flor-Essence and Essiac tea. The tea mixtures contain Burdock and Rhubarb root, Sheep sorrel, Slippery elm bark, Watercress, Blessed thistle, Red clover and Kelp. Together they are known as having antioxidant, anti inflammatory and DNA-protective properties.

How does ozone work as a detox therapy?
Ozone is released inside a sealed sauna cabin in which the head remains out to prevent breathing ozone. With the steam produced in the sauna, the pores are opened so ozone can enter and stimulate the lymph cells concentrated in the dermis (the second layer of skin), toxins are then expelled through sweat.

Isn’t ozone harmful to our bodies?
As with many other drugs and substances, it is in fact toxic when is given in high amounts and on a long exposure. When there is a brief exposure, it has proven to be beneficial to our skin.

Are there more benefits with juices than eating whole fruits and vegetables?
Drinking fresh juices is highly recommended since they are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. the body finds them easier to digest , therefore, nutrient absorption is superior. Combinations will depend on needs and desired results; for example, a mix of tomato, carrot and spinach juice is loaded with carotenoids that protect human DNA and have a protective effect against cancer.

When is colon hydrotherapy not recommended?
People that suffer from heart or kidney disease as well as gastrointestinal issues should refrain from taking this therapy, since there is an enormous shift of electrolytes and fluid balance.

What results should I expect from a colon hydrotherapy?
There is a stimulation on the gallbladder and liver, resulting in more toxins being flushed away. After chemo, constipation could occur, a colonic irrigation should be able to solve this issue.

Lastly, you should be able to notice mental clearness and a better digestion.

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