Pleasantly Surprised

I found out about Dr. Hino primarily for my wife who at the age of 74 was falling apart. My wife made it clear that she would only go in for treatment if I received treatment as well.
I too had my little glitches:

I like to run, but my left knee was really starting to give me some pain. I also had a pain in my heel that wouldn’t go away. Additionally, headaches were common, the back of my shoulders were often numb, I had energy problems, and I didn’t sleep well at night (waking up between 2-4am and staying awake).

Now, I am a younger guy (51), and keep in fairly decent physical shape. These things weren’t killing me and I got along just fine. Nevertheless, I agreed to get treatment too.
Much to my surprise:

I sleep so, so much better. The numbness in my shoulders has almost completely disappeared, along with the routine headaches. My lower back feels substantially better. My energy level and endurance has increased markedly.

If I were to sum it up, I would say that I went from having the health of a 51 year old to having the health and energy of a 41 year old.

I owe this all to having received treatments from Dr. Hino.

Thank you!

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