Pam Fyffe


Some friends of ours had shared their physical body improvements from their visit to the Hino Medical Clinic.
From their wins after treatment my husband and I decided to experience the opportunity ourselves.

I had the following reasons for going to the clinic.

  1. Constant chronic left knee pain over several years. Already I had had Stem Cell injections in that knee twice over a 5 year period. Never did the knee improve beyond 15-20%.
    I had been to a top orthopedic surgeon shortly before leaving for  HMC. The surgeon took pictures and said I had “bone on bone” and would need knee surgery at some point in the near future. He commented on the bowing in my legs caused by this condition.
  2. Medical diagnostic saying I had full blown Osteoporosis and should be “careful” at breaking my bones. Warned not to ride bikes, climb ladders, or snow ski.
  3. Generally wished to assist my body in being/feeling/surviving at a younger level. Along with that I figured an increased mental acuity and general good feeling.

Here’s what happened:
We received treatment over 5 days.
Then we flew home.

Face Transformation

On day 3 my face began to transform. My husband was sitting at dinner across from me and said your face is changing. He was quite amazed. Here’s what was happening. I have suffered from allergies all my life. So I didn’t even mention them to Dr Hino because I figured they were a fixed condition.

But what I thought was “normal” was not. The stem cells have permanently removed swelling in my face via the nasal cavities. And I can breathe through my nose for the first time I can ever remember with such clarity. This new state has been tested thoroughly as I have just gone through allergy season here in Florida and my “open -able- to- breathe -freely” nasal  passages have stayed clear!
Last season I spent so much money on Ozone Nasal Treatments to get through the season. No more.
To me it is nothing short of a miracle. I drive down the street and take a big breath through my nose and just marvel at the feeling.
My face has “balanced out”. I literally had 1 eye higher than the others which showed up in every photograph. No longer.
Also I had many neck wrinkles. Mostly all gone.

People stop me and say I look 10 years younger and they ask me what I am doing?
Answer: Nothing beyond  HMC treatment. No Botox. No fillers.

Knee Pain

On day 9 (I kept a diary) upon our return the knee pain turned off and has never returned at its chronic level. I have had 97% improvement in the knee. I hardly every think about it and have returned to my full golf swing with left leg planted.
That was impossible previously.
But here is something else that I find astounding. My legs are straightening! The “bow” is less and less. I can bring my legs together –from feet to ankles to thighs -during Pilates where before they couldn’t touch.

I see this leg straightening evidence in the mirror.
How could that be? Close to a miracle I say.

None since visiting HMC.
We have been home 4 months and I continue to see and feel physical improvements.
My body is literally messaging optimism.

-Pam Fyffe
May 4, 2024

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