Improved Quality of Life

Dear Dr Hino, I wanted to thank you again from deep in our hearts for all of your hard work helping people to heal. We consider our healing part medicine and part miracle. Roger continues to improve each day. His only complaint is a little muscle soreness in his back which has responded to aspirin and Arnica cream. Before we had treatment his pain level was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. He now states his pain level is a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. His ability to have conversations has improved, he is able to smile (formerly he had frozen face muscles), eye hand coordination is better (can eat without spilling food), swallowing s better, neck is straightened, he is sleeping all night, vivid dreams have stopped, his depression is less, tremors are diminished when his meds wear off, walking is better with no shuffling.

He actually started singing in the shower and in the car and it is such a joy to see him hopeful and happy! He is eating better food, I am cooking organic, lots of fish, fresh veggies, fruit, water and juicing. We have ordered the alkaline water system, have signed up for Tai Chi and massages. Roger’s quality of life has improved 100%!
As for me, my knee is not painful, I am losing weight (down 4 sizes), I have the energy of a 35 year old, my fatigue is gone, activity up and I am no longer incontinent, what a blessing!

The results are almost too good to be true but they are certainly real!!!!!

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