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A Revolutionary Cancer Treatment

There are many forms of cancer and everyone reacts differently which is why we have developed our Molecular Oncology Protocol consisting of several different treatments which we use to create a specialized treatments regimen for your particular case. Below you will find a brief overview of the steps.

If you are looking for information regardings HICAN-7, out cancer fighting protein, you can find more details in out article here.


We fist gather all availabe medical records and blood tests for a proper evaluation. From this evaluation we determine what additional tests are needed along with what group of treatments will be recommended.


The body is detoxified with various forms of teas, herbs and enemas (coffee, wheatgrass and shark cartilage). Defoxification can also be done with chelation through IV drips.


The Auto Immune system is strengthened. Depending on what treatments have been done in the past, various forms on immunotherapy, Vaccines and Stem/Live Cell therapies may be administered to build up the Auto Immune system before attacking the Cancer. This can also be done with vitamins, minerals and immune strengthening injections.


Enzyme therapy is added through supplementation of digestive and pancreatic enzymes.


Molecular Oncology treatment. The current medical reports and blood test results will determine which formulation of treament will be used to attack the patient's cancer. Here is a list of treatments that are used:

Whole body Hyperthermia
Hydrogen Peroxude Chelation
Laetrile Chelation
DMSO Chelation
Vitamin C Chelation
Insulin Potentiation Therapy
Imetelstat Sodium Chelation
Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy
Antineopastin Therapy
Enzyme Therapy
Frequency Therapy


Diet Therapy with High Alkaline foods. This can be incorporated with the Gerson diet, the Wigmore Diet, The Budwing diet, and the Hoxsey therapy.


Mental and Emotional Therapy by exercising and controlling symptoms with faith.

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