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So, have you ever read a story that starts out with an early thought of a terrible ending and then somewhere something amazing happens and causes the ending to change? Welcome to that type of story. Crazy changes happened and WOW, this exciting news must be shared. Let me fill you in a little about the way things were going first and then you must keep reading to see how the last six months of this 30 plus year battle with Multiple Sclerosis has changed for the better. We are so blessed!

What do you do when the medical professionals tell you that your wife is in the advanced stages of a disease that will eventually take her life? Severe secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis has caused her to experience numerous difficulties. We decided to find a place where Debbie could finish her time here on earth or so we thought. A plan to go to Mexico and push her on the beach in a cool looking wheelchair with fat tires and a palm tree umbrella fell into place.

We got an amazing house on the ocean, met incredible people and then, bam! God started sending people into our lives talking about this Dr Hino and his incredible work with stem cells. Mark her husband, was done with anyone who had the letters DR in their name. All the false promises about what incredible expensive medicine would do to help Debbie was something the both of us wanted nothing to do with. But God kept sending people with great stories, so we decided to check this Dr Hino guy out.

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Our granddaughter, Amelia, was born with a hole in her heart.
Her pediatrician checked it every 6 months, hoping that it would heal itself.  It did not, so the pediatrician sent her to a heart specialist. It was agreed that there was indeed a hole that would involve surgery to repair by the time she was 5. As she was now 2 years old, we asked Dr. Hino if he thought she would respond to umbilical stem cells, as this was all he had available at that time.   He said he would take her on, even though she was the youngest patient he had treated up to that date. We brought her down 6 times for short mini-treatments over the next 6 months.
3 months after her final treatment, she went to her pediatric heart specialist and her 2 holes had joined into 1 larger hole.   The EKG confirmed that her hole was now 8 cm. Surgery was discussed as a very real possibility to handle a hole that size by the time she was 5. She was now 3 years old. When we relayed this information to Dr. Hino, he assured us that the stem cells can take a little time.  “Fear not!”
When Amelia turned 4, she met with the pediatric surgeon at UCLA who was going to perform the surgery.  He wanted to check her himself and do his own EKG. After testing her, he declared that her hole was now 1 cm!  He said the previous doctor did not know how to correctly run his tests as there is no way that an 8 cm hole could just close on its own!  Not possible! The hole had been too large!

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Our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. When he faced any stressful situation his blood pressure would drop so low that he would be just above coma range and pass out. Dr. Hino was able to get us through all of this with a totally holistic treatment. Our son is now 14 and we have not seen his blood pressure drop in over a year and a half. He is growing normally and he no longer has any pains. Thank you Dr. Hino, you saw us through a terrible experience with a wonderful outcome!

– Addison’s Disease Survivor

I had been suffering from a serious, life threatening skin disorder for over three years and had tried every approach I could think of to cure it. A friend recommended I go in to see Dr. Hino. After taking the medication for a few months now, it is almost entirely gone and I’m able to carry on with normal activities which I wasn’t able to do previously. He advised me to take a holistic medicine and within a week I saw a drastic improvement. I feel Dr. Hino saved my life with this medicine.

– Skin Disorder Patient

Fourteen months ago, my husband contracted rat lungworm, a disease that is not well researched or treated. The doctors could offer no treatment or predicted outcome. We were Dr. Hino’s first case of rat lungworm. And yet, he confidently offered us a treatment and more importantly, hope. A week later, we returned home changed again, but for the good. My husband is feeling stronger, like himself again. Our family is able to reclaim peace. We are forever grateful to Dr. Hino and his team.

– Rat Lungworm Patient

Essential Tremors

Brad was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called essential tremor when he was in his teens. First the symptoms were tremors in his hands, later his legs began to tremor causing loss of balance; his head began to shake and his voice sounded bad. He had two Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries (DBS) to help control the tremors, and fortunately when a third surgery was on it way, friends suggested that Brad see Dr. Hino for treatment before risking another brain surgery. Dr. Hino suggested stem cell treatments which began in January 2017.

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My 44 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 years ago with a very rare neurological autoimmune syndrome called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). The total body spasms were unbearable to watch and extremely painful for her. In December 2015 we made our first trip to Dr. Hino’s office in Mexico. Within 48 hours of the first treatment we were in disbelief. My daughter no longer needed the use of her wheelchair or walker. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We felt like we were dreaming.

– Stiff Person Syndrome

I am alive today to tell you it works. After the first week of treatment I started to feel a little better. After 2 weeks of treatment I knew I was not going to die, I felt better and better every day. I did not need the wheelchair any longer. I had a great appetite and was eating again. My cough was getting better. I could shower and wash my own hair again. The treatments were so easy and gave me so much needed energy. My breathing got better everyday as the cancer died and the fluid left my lungs.

– Stage 4 Breast/lymph/lung/bone cancer survivor

The most caring doctor.

“Here’s what I have achieved: My high PSA was 1750 during the summer. As of last week, it is 15! You read that right. 15! Oh, also, my kidney numbers are completely normal now. They improved while getting treatment here in the last 6 months!”

– CHUCK BOROM, Stage 4 kidney disease.

God bless you Dr. Hino

“I am sending this email to let you know of my progress. Everyday I have a hamstrings massage and every other day I do the quadriciser for an hour as shown in the attached video. My legs extend farther and stay down longer.

Thanks Dr. Hino”

– SONIA CALDERON, Late Stage Multiple Sclerosis.

Amazing Results

This week was extremely incredible, after years of therapy this has been the very first time I push the cart and my trainer with the force of my legs ! In such a short amount of time with stem cell treatment I have seen amazing results and will continue to push forward to one day walk completely by myself !

Oscar Jr. Villanueva, Spinal Cord Injury

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Thomas Improvement

Tomasz Guzowski is a patient from Poland who could not walk, and after one round of stem cells, he is able to get out of his wheelchair and stand on his own and take a few steps.  He later progressed to walking with crunches as support.


The history of my illness goes back to the year 2012.  Before, I was a normal guy, married, with a young daughter, and a son about to be born.  I had my hobbies like dancing and speedway racing. Then, one day – all of a sudden – my leg felt stiff, and a warning bell rang at the back of my head. In order to take a single step, I had to lean against something like the wall. 

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Chronic Lyme Disease

Before this journey started health and fitness was very important to me. That was all taken from me in my illness. In my journey I went from going to 15 doctors and 80 vials of blood finally being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and having several co infections. I was desperate and running out of time. I tried everything and I continued to decline with losing my ability to walk, cognitive and brain dysfunction, speech problems, joint pain, neuropathys, bowel dysfunction, etc. Things became more rapid as the disease had turned very autoimmune on me. I was in need of a miracle and was led to Dr Hino with time running out to live.

Randy White, former player NFL 1975 – 1988

Don Smerek, former player NFL 1980 – 1987

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