Our full healthcare service offers a host of amenities designed to make your stay enjoyable from beginning to end.




All our patients benefit from our “Welcome Package” and preferential rates in other services available through Varenyamx to ensure your stay in Ensenada is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We understand you may have concerns regarding the current situation with coronavirus (Covid-19), that is why we have ensured a group of drivers who are readily available to drive you from Los Angeles, San Diego or Tijuana to Ensenada and your appointments during your stay. Ask for the transportations packages.

To inquire about additional services, rates, and for any further questions, feel free to contact:
Mayra Cisneros
Whatsapp: +521 55 4502 0519
Email. [email protected]

shuttle transportation for Hino Medical Center


We have a daily comfortable shuttle service in place that can pick you up at the San Diego Airport and bring you to Ensenada. Know that crossing to Mexico is extremely quickly and safe. It is possible that you will not be asked for your passport when coming to Mexico, but you will need it when returning to the U.S. During your trip, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking Tijuana – Ensenada Scenic Highway and its enigmatic desert and ocean landscape. When getting to Ensenada, you may go directly to your hotel, in case you would like to rest, or straight to the clinic for your check-in.

Our shuttle service is available at a group rate of $170 which includes luggage service for the group and a one-way shuttle ride to your hotel. For more information please contact Alain Preisser, our shuttle service director.

Alain Preisser

+52 (646) 185 01 46

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Hino Medical Center has over 100,000 patients from all over the world mainly from Canada, United States, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, India, and Cuba.

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Our full healthcare service offers a host of amenities designed to make your stay enjoyable from beginning to end.

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