Rat Lungworm

Fourteen months ago, our family was changed when my husband contracted Rat Lungworm, a disease that is not well researched or treated. The doctors could offer no treatment or predicted outcome. We were treated like victims who simply had to wait and see what our new normal was going to be.

We were Dr. Hino’s first case of Rat Lungworm. And yet, he confidently offered us a treatment and more importantly, hope. He was thorough and administered his treatment for my husband. A week later, we returned home changed again, but for the good. My husband is feeling stronger, like himself again. Our family is able to reclaim peace.

Dr. Hino did not treat us like victims. He approached us as a partner in true healing that would claim victory over this disease. He treated my husband holistically, focused only on his optimal health and wellness. We can testify that Dr. Hino truly wants people to be well. We are forever grateful to Dr. Hino and his team.

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