Is there a change of lifestyle that can help achieve better results?

We believe that among any lifestyle change needed, diet plays a fundamental role on the recovery process. If diet and nutrition are not properly attended, the whole treatment can become jeopardized.

What is the recommended diet?

Mainly an alkaline diet that assists on pH balance. In an acidic environment, its easier for pathogens to flourish, nurturing the present dysfunction.  Is highly advisable to adopt a plant-based diet, for some it will appear to be highly prohibitive but soon will learn about the myriad of available food combinations.

Do you provide a personalized diet plan?

We don’t, instead we focus on the disease being treated and the treatment that you will be following. In some cases is advisable to start making diet changes several weeks prior treatment initiation so you can achieve better results later on, this applies on stem cell treatment for example.

What diet instructions are given to the patients?

Besides advising to minimize red meats and processed food, we ask to follow instead a plant-based diet. In our facility you will find a nutrition center that can help you get accustomed to healthier ingredients, after trying our meals, we are positive that you will begin to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Is it completely necessary to transition to GMO-free food?

Organic produce contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables found at your convenience store. At present time, agricultural production uses a substantial amount of pesticides that need to be avoided. Pesticides have been linked to reproductive problems along with birth defects, hormonal imbalance, behavioral disorders and even cancer! Another fact that you should acknowledge is that organic produce contains far more vitamins and minerals, the bioavailability of soil nutrients vs inorganic fertilizer makes the difference.

What benefits can a cancer patient obtain?

It has been stated* that a continuous excretion along with a good mental attitude minimizes an acidic internal environment, since a plant-based diet is high in fiber, it can help to detoxify your body and eliminate unwanted toxins. This is paramount for cancer patients since many cancer therapies cause constipation and prolonged exposure to toxins intensifies their side effects.

Also, by selecting super foods that have been proven to inhibit cancerous cells we can slow their growth and use the valuable time obtained to focus on the treatment instead.

Could you list other health benefits?

  • A plant-based diet can also protect you from diabetes and obesity.
  • Since you are receiving nutrients that are highly bioavailable you can expect an increase in immune response.
  • Seeing that a diet rich in animal protein causes to excrete more calcium, a plant-based diet can also protect you from bone diseases like osteoporosis.

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