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Chelation Therapy FAQ

What is the principle behind chelation therapy?
The use of chelating substances that chemically bond with toxins, get carried, and then excreted either through urine or .

What is chelation therapy?
A therapy that uses ligating substances to chemically bond with toxic heavy metals, then get carried to the digestive system to finally be excreted either through urine or feces. An artificial amino acid is injected to work at molecular levels and effectively removes free radicals, long linked to cancer development.

What chelating agents are used?
Agents used vary accordingly to the disease being treated.

If, for example, one requires to detoxify from arsenic, BAL would be used. When iron detoxification is needed, Deferasirox has not only shown good results, but has a good side effect profile. Still, the most common agent is EDTA since it can form a stable bond with several different metals.

How is the chelation therapy given?
It can be administered via IV, rectally and orally. EDTA is most commonly given via IV routes, Deferasirox on the other hand, is administered orally.

What dose will be used?
Dose applied is determined by body weight, the amount of traced metals and renal function. The latter because it has been found that with renal failure, the larger metal excretion increases the risk of nephrotoxicity (toxicity in the kidneys).

Could you provide studies that prove chelation therapy efficiency?
Of course! Chelation therapies have been long recognized as an optimum treatment for metal intoxications. You can have full access to a study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health here.

There are several studies that have focused their attention on a specific metal detoxification, such as iron, zinc, lead and arsenic.

Detoxification Therapies FAQ

Doesn’t detox occur naturally?
Under normal conditions our detox mechanisms would be able to get rid of toxins but since we are in contact with more chemicals than ever, they are overtasked. in some cases, they cannot fulfill the job because the toxin is not present in nature. Also, when we do not choose a healthy lifestyle , name good food and a dose of daily exercise, we are shutting down some detox mechanisms.

What organs are involved in detoxification?

  • Skin, through sweat
  • Lungs, remove carbon dioxide
  • Lymphatic system, working as a drainage network
  • Kidneys, expelling metabolic waste
  • Liver, removes body waste and toxins from blood
  • Colon, eliminates food waste

Are there any changes on my lifestyle that I should do?
We recommend having a diet and lifestyle as natural as possible to avoid burdening the body. This includes:

Doing mild-moderate exercise to accelerate the heart rate, improve oxygenation and remove toxins through sweat.
Your nutrition is vital; change to organic food, lower alcohol and sugar intake
To minimize environmental exposure to toxins, try removing as much as unnecessary chemicals around you.

Can I detoxify after a chemo?
This is actually one of the top reasons to attend a detox treatment. After chemo and radiation, the whole system is loaded with build-up waste products received by the treatments, including cellular waste.

Do you use any herbal products?
We like to use two herbal teas, Flor-Essence and Essiac tea. The tea mixtures contain Burdock and Rhubarb root, Sheep sorrel, Slippery elm bark, Watercress, Blessed thistle, Red clover and Kelp. Together they are known as having antioxidant, anti inflammatory and DNA-protective properties.

How does ozone work as a detox therapy?
Ozone is released inside a sealed sauna cabin in which the head remains out to prevent breathing ozone. With the steam produced in the sauna, the pores are opened so ozone can enter and stimulate the lymph cells concentrated in the dermis (the second layer of skin), toxins are then expelled through sweat.

Isn’t ozone harmful to our bodies?
As with many other drugs and substances, it is in fact toxic when is given in high amounts and on a long exposure. When there is a brief exposure, it has proven to be beneficial to our skin.

Are there more benefits with juices than eating whole fruits and vegetables?
Drinking fresh juices is highly recommended since they are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. the body finds them easier to digest , therefore, nutrient absorption is superior. Combinations will depend on needs and desired results; for example, a mix of tomato, carrot and spinach juice is loaded with carotenoids that protect human DNA and have a protective effect against cancer.

When is colon hydrotherapy not recommended?
People that suffer from heart or kidney disease as well as gastrointestinal issues should refrain from taking this therapy, since there is an enormous shift of electrolytes and fluid balance.

What results should I expect from a colon hydrotherapy?
There is a stimulation on the gallbladder and liver, resulting in more toxins being flushed away. After chemo, constipation could occur, a colonic irrigation should be able to solve this issue.

Lastly, you should be able to notice mental clearness and a better digestion.

Molecular Oncology Protocol FAQ

Many online sources state that Laetrile Is toxic. How can you state otherwise?
Laetrile is amygdalin synthesized on a laboratory, there is a controversy around the ineffectiveness of Laetrile and its Health risks; however it has been stated since 1962 that when it is taken in a manner other than orally, is non-toxic.

How does Laetrile work as a cancer treatment?
Results obtained with Laetrile are mainly because is part of a cancer protocol, and not a standalone therapy. Amygdalin is found naturally in some fruits and nuts which points at our own ability to digest it. After that happens, the cyanide is neutralized by healthy cells with the help of the rhodanese enzyme. Cancer cells, on the other hand, lack this enzyme, and the result is a depletion of a crucial amino acid used for tumor growth, cysteine. Without it, glutathione can no longer be produced and a malignant cell becomes susceptible to cancer treatments.

How is vitamin C administered?
Due to oral doses limitations, vitamin C is given via IV. The infusion is a high dose in the order of grams exceeding greatly the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).

Could you explain how a vitamin C treatment works?
A concentrated dose of vitamin C produces a high volume of hydrogen peroxide, a lethal molecule to tumorous cells since they do not have enough catalase to destroy it.Also, vitamin C is part of this cancer protocol because we know that best results can be obtained if it is used conjointly with an ozone therapy, such as the hyperthermia ozone sauna.

How is DMSO administered?
It is usually applied topically near the area where cancer has been detected. At HMC we administer DMSO by IV

Are there side effects to DMSO Potentiation Therapy?
Only certain patients have observed two side effects: breath odor and mild local burning. It is generally well tolerated.

Isn’t ozone toxic to breathe?
That still remains a fact. Patients are placed on a sealed sauna cabin up to their neck to prevent ozone release and respiration. The head is always out of the cabin, in a comfortable position, never experiencing the sudden heat, steam and ozone release.

Why do malignant cells thrive in a low-oxygen environment?
Their low oxygen needs (hypoxic) are an adaptation to their rapid growth, when major changes on size are taking place, a chaotic arrangement of blood vessels develops and the lymphatic vessels also become insufficient; what happens next is the inability of a tumor to capture nutrients from the blood and remove waste through the lymphs. In the end, oxygen is compromised and the only way a tumor is able to survive is by changing its needs.

Could hypoxia be considered an advantage when treating cancer?
It depends. Traditional methods, like chemo and radiotherapy, are sometimes unable to work as intended because they cannot work in hypoxic microenvironments (each tumor has a chaotic and unique arrangement of vessels). But this also means that if we select the appropriate complementary and alternative therapy, we have a greater opportunity of success.

How can a normal cell be turned into a stem cell?
This is done through genetic reprogramming. Basically, the cell is forced to express genes and factors that defines it as a stem cell; what induces this reprogramming .

How does a stem cell work as part of immunotherapy?
Once we have obtained stem cells from the patient or induced the pluripotent stem cells from the patient’s own cells, rejection is at minimum, now is time to target tumor cells. As we have explained, tumor cells have created means to avoid immune response. Restoring this response is the logic thing to do. Since tumor cells produce the type of cytokines (a signaling protein) that suppress immune response, we manipulate stem cells to do the opposite by migrating to tumorous tissue and once there, generate cytokines that have the signaling ability turned on, releasing an immune response to tumor cells.

Oxygen Therapies FAQ

What benefits (HBOT)?
The extra oxygen that you will receive from HBOT will be able to reach tissues and even cells, so you should expect an improvement on illnesses and injuries related to circulatory problems, including wound healing and chronic fatigue. A better quality of life should be obtained once HBOT initiates.

Could you name the main conditions that HBOT treatss?
All conditions that benefit from an increased oxygen availability should be considered: carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetic wounds, anemia, tissue infection, migraine, sport and traumatic brain injuries , multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy and lyme disease, among others.

Are there any side effects to HBOT?
With HBOT you could suffer barotrauma, which is a blockage of the Eustachian tube caused by changes on air pressure between the middle ear and the eardrum. This risk can be minimized if preventative measures are taken. Some patients have also reported temporary changes on their vision. We thoroughly evaluate every treatment evolution to prevent oxygen toxicity.

How can ozone be used medically?
we are mostly familiar with atmospheric ozone than the isolated, medical administered form. It has been long used as a bactericide and fungicide agent and what is more, it has been widely used as a wound disinfectant since WW1. We add ozone and oxygen to more than a half pint of blood to reinfuse it as an enriched blood compound back into the patient.

Is ozone considered a safe therapy?
You can rest assured that ozone is diluted to levels considered safe for therapeutic use.

What diseases can be treated when ozone is given as part of oxidative therapies?
Lung and infectious diseases, heart related and blood vessel diseases, as well as immune-related diseases.

There are several grades to hydrogen peroxide, which one is used?
For internal use, the only grade recommended is 35% food grade, already being utilized in the food industry and thus safely to ingest. Nevertheless, It is always used as a diluted solution, otherwise it can be dangerous and even fatal.

Is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) naturally found in our system?
That is right , white blood cells create H2O2 to fight infections and is widely used on the oxidation mechanisms. It is important to note that H2O2 is not a byproduct, but a compound essential for life.

Why the need to add an artificial source of hydrogen peroxide then?
Because there is a good deal of health benefits when the oxidation mechanism is induced. One of the main advantages is being able to improve quality of life (QoL) of terminal patients. Besides, adding H2O2 to our body increases oxygen content to an extent where it can have a great impact on our metabolism, enzyme activity and blood flow.

Vitamin C Infusions FAQ

How long can ascorbate stay in our system?
It can be stored in our system for several weeks and concentrations vary between tissues and organs. A common misconception is that it cannot be stored in our system since it is always excreted in our urine , daily elimination actually occurs if daily ingestion exceeds 200 mg. This is the main reason why vitamin C is given as an intravenous infusion instead.

In what functions is vitamin C involved?
It has redox potential (oxidation-reduction) protecting molecules in our body of damage by free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Aids on the synthesis of biomolecules, collagen and even neurotransmitters. Vitamin C or ascorbate is also involved on protein metabolism.

Is vitamin C part of a cancer treatment protocol?
It is in fact part of a cancer protocol, but you can also take advantage of vitamin C´s multiple health benefits, including a higher immune response and its antioxidant properties.

Is the dose administered considered a high dose?
Of course! The amount that is given as an IV is considered a high dose because it exceeds greatly the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), plus it would not be possible to administer high doses orally since when digested its concentrations are tight controlled by our organism.

What is the tolerable upper intake level?
The intake level depends on age group. The Food and Nutrition Board released the latest recommended dietary allowances on the year 2000. For an adult between the ages of 19-70 the highest daily intake of vitamin C is 2000 mg.

Are there any side effects?
Immediately before or after a heart procedure avoid vitamin C since it appears to interfere with proper healing.
People with diabetes should note that it might raise blood sugar and/or false readings. Correction of false glucose levels with excess insulin might be fatal.
If you suffer from any blood-iron disorders, you should avoid taking large amounts of vitamin C since it increases iron absorption.
If you have a history of kidney stones, vitamin C can increase your chances of getting kidney stones once again.
When suffering from sickle cell disease and G6PD deficiency avoid vitamin C ingestion above the RDA.

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