Addisons Disease

Our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. When he faced any stressful
situation his blood pressure would drop so low that he would be just above coma range
and pass out. The typical approach for treatment is to use steroids which would
completely destroy his adrenal glands. As a result he would be on medications for the rest
of his life. This was scary for us.
Dr. Hino was able to get us through all of this with a totally holistic treatment. Our son is
now 14 and we have not seen his blood pressure drop in over a year and a half. He is
growing normally and he no longer has any pains. Although his mood does change at
times it is just typical teenage stuff we are happy to deal with.
Thank you Dr. Hino, you saw us through a terrible experience with a wonderful outcome!

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