Injectable HGH

Feel better. Live longer. Look younger.

Humatrope has many documented benefits and the list keeps growing with each new study.

The astounding results have been documented by the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Lancet as well as in long term studies conducted at the John Hopkins University.

A small sampling of the benefits is the regrowth of organs that naturally shrink with age, superior immune function and greater cardiac output.



• 8.8 % increase in muscle mass on average after 6 months, without exercise
• 14.4% loss of fat on an average after 6 months, without dieting
• Increased Energy Levels
• Enhanced Sexual Performance
• Regrowth of organs that shrink with age
• Greater Cardiac Output
• Superior Immune Function
• Improved Exercise Performance
• Improved Kidney Function
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Improved Cholesterol Profile
• Stronger Bones
• Faster Wound Healing
• Younger, Stronger Skin
• Hair Regrowth
• Wrinkle Removal
• Cellulite Elimination
• Sharper Vision
• Mood Elevation
• Increased Memory Retention
• Improved Sleep
• Decreased Stress


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