Eryngium Maritimum

Eryngium Maritimum is a specialized age reversal cream. Eryngium stimulates cell proliferation, skin renewal and differentiation for better skin radiance and luminosity.

A Clinical Study evaluated the effectiveness of Eryngium Maritimum, measuring signs of erythema, dryness, and roughness in the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. In just 28 days, the volunteers skin showed increased firmness, smoothness, and hydration. 90% of the volunteers were very satisfied with the results after 28 days.

Proven results by published clinical studies.



Massage into your face or other areas that you wish to treat with this anti-aging, stem cell treatment or use as directed by your physician.

Application is intended for external cosmetic use.


• Produces Tigher & Firmer Skin
• Removes Wrinkles
• Resurfaces Skin

Pump Directions

The pump on this bottle is a vacuum pump. If the cap is loosened the vacuum will be lost. Pump approximately 6 times to establish the initial vacuum.

If the cream is partially full and the vacuum is lost, it takes approximately 20 pumps to reestablish the vacuum.







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