An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Sonia Calderon

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Jose Castro's Treatment

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Essential tremor

Brad was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called essential tremor when he was in his teens. The first symptoms were…

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The most caring doctor

I had started getting treatments from Doctor Hino in January of 2015 for stage 4 kidney disease. This worked very…

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I am alive today to tell you it works

This letter is to anyone who is not sure about Dr. Hino’s treatments and if they really work? I am…

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Relief in a Hopeless Situation

My 44 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 years ago with a very rare neurological autoimmune syndrome called Stiff Person…

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Rat Lungworm

Fourteen months ago, our family was changed when my husband contracted rat lungworm, a disease that is not well researched…

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Addisons Disease

Our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. When he faced any stressful situation his blood pressure would…

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Life Threatening Skin Disorder

I had been suffering from a serious, life threatening skin disorder for over three years and had tried every approach…

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Debilitating Knee Pain

I am sure, as treatments go, mine was not extraordinary, just a limpy gal who was tired of dragging the…

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