About HMC

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a drug free, natural approach to treating disease and illness with a focus on prevention and maintaining good health. We offer medically based strategies for optimum health that will extend and enrich the quality of our patients lives. We also aim to establish or acquire facilities that provide physical and cosmetic healthcare naturally to keep you feeling and looking great.

We pride ourselves on offering healthcare consumers holistic and natural choices in achieving and maintaining health and wellness by eliminating not only symptoms but diseases. We achieve this through services provided by licensed and experienced practitioners in an attractive, comfortable and professional environment, maintaining patient confidentiality and upholding professional codes and ethics.

Our Objectives

  • Provide cutting-edge therapies to achieve overall health and wellness.
  • Encourage the healthcare consumer to actively participate in decisions regarding their health by becoming knowledgable and well versed as to what options exist to ensure that the best professional choice is made.
  • Restore patients hope by educating them on other choices that are available when "mainstream medicine" has failed to deliver the desired results.
  • Allow our patients to explore a variety of treatment options to be used independently or concurrently by physician prescribed regimens.