Welcome to Hino Medical Center

We open our doors to you hoping that you will find mental and physical health for the long term.

How to get to HMC?

Learn more about how to get to HMC, what to do or where to stay in Ensenada by checking our FAQ section.
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 We provide holistic and natural cutting-edge treatments to achieve and maintain health and wellness.

Oxidative Therapies

Oxidative Therapies

Oxygenation is the process of enriching the oxygen content of the blood or tissues. This has been effective in treating a variety of conditions.

Anti-Aging Therapies

Anti-Aging Therapies

Our Anti-Aging therapies include General Nutrition as well as utilizing HGH to help restore hormones to earlier levels.

Molecular Oncology Protocol

Molecular Oncology Protocol

This protocol consists of several different treatments which we use to create a specialized treatment regimen for your particular case.

The Best Amenities in Your Stay

Ensenada is one of the safest cities in Mexico. It will amaze you with its many cultural wonders and its breathtaking Mediterranean landscape.

Discover our future facility for your health

Our new clinic will have enough capacity to ensure that our patients receive top-of-the-line holistic healthcare.


We are constantly working side by side with different research institutions to develop new alternative Cancer treatments and therapies.

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The successful experience patients have at the clinic prompts them to recommend
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